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Estate Planning

Individuals and businesses often need help making legal provisions for
passing on assets to future generations.

I am a licensed attorney and certified public accountant in New York State who is experienced, competent and interested in helping individuals prepare wills and estate plans.
I will explain and help you prepare a customized plan for your specific financial goals.

I can help you prepare an estate plan to
minimize your estate and income tax issues
and to ensure that your
estate assets are passed along to your children and heirs according to your wishes.
Careful and sensitive planning is often required to insure that your spouse and children are properly provided for in terms of guardians and trusts upon your demise.

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When a person dies, understanding and compassion are required to handle the estate and the survivors.
Ensuring a speedy and efficient probate proceeding is a priority.
This does not need to be a lengthy and stressful process as people are often led to believe.
My job is to take that burden off your shoulders.

In conjunction with planning your estate, I will also prepare other important documents including
powers of attorney, living wills and health care proxies.
These are unfortunately overlooked by many professionals when designing plans for younger clients, who do not fully appreciate the need to have these documents put into place.

In many cases serious consideration needs to be given to eldercare planning
to qualify elderly clients for Medicaid and to maximize the estate that can be passed on to one's heirs.
Proper and timely planning is crucial in this area.

I am especially experienced at helping business owners engage in estate and succession planning.
This process takes fully into account any special needs related to passing on the assets of a business to their offspring or others. A skilled attorney eases the burden of this stressful process.

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